Oh… Hello.

Hello my friends!
Well, I have started a tour journal like 10 times since the last one and every time, I get interrupted and forget to write the rest. So, I have a bunch of halves and my goal today is to make a whole and give it to you.. Wow, that was so beautiful. So, lets talk about me cause I just adore talking about myself.. Well, the album is almost done!! I’m so excited! We only have 3 days left in the studio. You know what that means?! That means in less then a week I will be sleeping in my own bed.. It’s been a month since I have been home and I miss it dearly. I miss my church, I miss sleeping in and then staying in my pajamas till when ever I want, I miss my niece’s and nephew and all the kisses and hugs I get from them every day. Talking on the phone with them just isn’t the same. I can’t make cupcakes with them, and have them eat the batter and then eat 50 of the cupcakes at a time and then dance around the house with them while they are getting all the sugar out.. Oh the joys of being an aunt. You know what else I miss on a less sentimental note.. I miss Jamba Juice. If you have never been there, go.. Don’t ask me why, just go and go now. Get a Strawberry Surf Rider and think of me.. You know what I don’t miss.. I don’t miss the fact that it just snowed at home.. Why would it do that? How horrible.. That Al Gore is right, the world is going crazy. (and that was NOT a direct quote from him by the way) Ok, so I just watched David Blaine break the world record for holding your breath.. I paced the room the entire time and wrung my hands. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. I totally thought he was gonna die cause I can only hold my breath for like 4 seconds. He totally beat my record. The nerd.. Let’s see what else is new..Oh, I totally fell in love recently.. No, not with a guy, with coffee.. I know, I know.. big news.. After a 22 year long hatred for the stuff, I actually like it for some reason. But the coffee has to be fancy, it can’t just be like a cup of black coffee. The cinnamon dolce latte is the new obsession. And there you have it, a whole lot of useless info from yours truly. Love you guys
L xoxo

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